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Utilize your existing commercial vehicle for temperature controlled transport

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In whatever industry you are active, you want your products to reach the client safely and in a clean and hygienic state. Until recently you were restricted to a standard refrigerated van for temperature controlled transportation. Now there is a better option: the VebaBox. This freezer or refrigerated container fits easily into your existing commercial vehicle. It can cool both when on the road and when stationary. Remarkably, the VebaBox is removable. Not only can it be used individually inside the vehicle, but it can also act as an exterior cooling container. By removing the cool box from your commercial vehicle, you can use your car for non-temperature controlled transportation again. So, with a VebaBox you have a refrigerated van as well as a normal commercial vehicle at your disposal.

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24/7 service in the Netherlands

To provide a quick and efficient service in the Netherlands, VebaBox cooperates with Veenhuizen Koeltechniek. This way in addition to performing repairs in the workshop at the main location ...
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A new VebaBox design

VebaBox has gone into the design of the new VebaBox for the past months. The boxes used to be equipped with integrated compressor sets, now these compressor sets are replaced by demountable ...
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The new GDP Veba MediTemp chassis structure!

Sustainability and safety are at the heart in the development of new innovative products at Veba MediTemp. This is also reflected in the development of the new GDP chassis structure. With th...
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