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Temperature controlled transport 

Temperature controlled transport is required in order to prevent unnecessary loss of quality during the distribution of perishable products. This includes pharmaceutical products, food products or laboratory samples. Temperature controlled transport is part of the overall cold chain in which products are stored and transported under the right and controlled conditions. Temperature control is of great importance throughout the entire logistical process.

VebaBox specializes in developing products that make you better able to manage your own logistical process and transport goods under the right conditions. VebaBox has a wide range of solutions that can be used for refrigerated transport or storage of all temperature-sensitive products. VebaBox focuses on five markets and continuously works on finding new solutions to better deal with the challenges posed by these markets.

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Quality reduction jeopardizes the safety and quality of any given product. For many transport segments, specific laws and regulations are in place to monitor this safety. But consumers are more and more critical of this as well. Due to increasing quality standards and legislation, organizations are confronted with the challenge of guaranteeing product integrity during the entire distribution chain; the so-called cold chain.

A cold chain is the continuous cooling system with the transport of temperature-sensitive products from the manufacturer to the end-user. It is important that in a distribution chain, all steps in the process are designed so that products are stored or transported under the right conditions. If there is no reliable cold chain, this will affect the condition and effectiveness of products. VebaBox Cool Solutions develops and produces various solutions that enable organizations and distributors to optimally design their cold chain. Besides safeguarding quality, a good cold chain enables providers to bridge longer distances with their products and reach more consumers.

The Cool Solutions of VebaBox

The Cool Solutions from VebaBox are very suitable for temperature controlled transport, whereby products are guaranteed to stay frozen or between 35°F / 2°C and 77°F / 25°C. Using our products and combining them allows you to optimally and flexibly make use of your cargo space. Every product has its own advantages. Not only can our solutions be used for temperature controlled transport, but they can also be easily integrated in your overall distribution system. With the different active and passive cooling options, you have the possibility to create a reliable cold chain within the existing distribution chain. Our small and large coolers can be easily integrated in both transport and storage.

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