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VaccinBox 25L

VebaBox offers different concepts with innovative techniques for transporting Covid-19 vaccines without dry ice and for storing them under the right conditions. VebaBox, cold chain innovation that works.

  • -80°C and -20°C
  • No dry ice
  • Extensive experience with temperature-sensitive products
  • Stable cooling and temperature monitoring
  • Simple refrigerated transport
  • For all applications
  • No disruptions to temperature

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Portable freezer with active cooling: VaccinBox 25L. This enables the vaccines to be frozen (at -80°C or -20°C without dry ice), stored, or transported easily.

Suitable for vaccines (the COVID-19 vaccine, amongst others) that need to remain deep-frozen or refrigerated during transport, storage and transshipment to guarantee the quality of the vaccine.

Temperature options without the use of dry ice: -80°C and -20°C.

Box volume (Liters)
External dimensions (wxhxd) mm
515 x 410 x 780
Inside dimensions (wxhxd) mm
200 x 305 x 327
Nett. weight material (kg)
Temperature setting range
-20°C, -80°C
Automatic cooling / heating
Power source, max. current @ 110V~230V AC (50/60Hz)
3.8 A @ 230V