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passive cooling solutions for every market

We approach the cold chain with an innovative philosophy: we condition the cargo space itself. The LogiBox is a passive cooling system for temperatures of between 2˚C and 8˚C. The cooling element ensures your products remain at the right temperature for a maximum of 72 hours.

You prevent cold chain breaks with the LogiBox because the LogiBox can be used during each step of the cold chain. That way, there is less to do and transfer is quicker. You can also combine ambient and refrigerated temperatures easily. Every vehicle can be loaded to maximum capacity, as a result of which you reduce the number of transport movements.

The LogiBox is available in standard as well as customised sizes. This enables you to be flexible and this solution can simply be integrated within your existing logistics process. You can combine any temperatures with a VebaBox. Whether you work in the food, pharma, health, or lab environment, the LogiBox can be integrated into any process and complies with all rules and regulations. You optimise your role in the cold chain without modifications and with a minimum investment. Sustainable, efficient and flexible.

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