CRT Module VebaBox Cool Solutions

Transport your products at room temperature 

Many products need to be stored and transport at room temperature. The CRTModule is a compact module that is especially developed for transport between 59˚F / 15°C and 77˚F / 25°C. The module is placed in a 3.5T box truck and guarantees a stable internal temperature, even in extreme environmental conditions that vary from -4°F / -20°C to +104°F / +40°C. Combine all your transport in a single vehicle by placing a VebaBox or LogiBox in the same space as the CRTModule. This allows you to easily meet the two most important temperature requirements, namely 35˚F / 2˚C to 46˚F / 8˚C and 59˚F / 15°C to 77˚F / 25°C.

The benefits of the CRTModule

Reliable transport between 59˚F and 77˚F

The CRTModule is placed in a 3.5T box truck to cool or heat your transport between 59˚F / 15˚C and 77˚F / 25˚C. Through the temperature controller that features a display and alarm, you can easily control this yourself. Because the quality of products comes first, it is important to guarantee the right temperature of your load at all times. That is why a CRTModule can also cool/heat during standstill of the vehicle by means of a Power Pack. View all the benefits of the CRTModule below.

Why the CRTModule?

The CRTModule is an innovative concept that serves as an alternative to a traditional refrigerated truck for transporting products at room temperature. Discover the characteristics of the CRTModule in a nutshell below.

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