GDP pharma transport 

GDP pharma transport relates to the correct distribution of medicines. Currently, there is a major shift taking place in the nature of medicines toward organic (high quality) and special medicines. More complex medicines will structurally be brought onto the market that are even more sensitive to temperature changes, which means the temperature requirements are even stricter. The necessity to quickly and properly regulate the distribution of medicines is high and temperature controlled transport more important than ever. In order to trade in pharmaceutical products, the GDP guideline must be complied with.

Good Distribution Practice

GDP refers to Good Distribution Practice. This European guideline stipulates that medicines can only be stored and transported under the required conditions. It also contributes to the guarantees that the medicines patients use are of good quality. The majority of medicines should now be transported between 35°F /  2°C and 46°F / 8ºC or between 59°F / 15°C and 77°F / 25ºC according to the guideliness of GDP pharma.

The new guideline was published in March 2013. Wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers were monitored for their compliance with this Good Distribution Practice standard. At a European level, it was not possible to have the guideline apply to the entire distribution chain, but it is still of major importance. In order to guarantee the quality and integrity of medicines in the entire distribution chain, it is important for all parties involved to adhere to the rules set by the GDP guideline.

Solutions for GDP pharma

Are you going to perform GDP pharma transport yourself? By applying its active and passive products, VebaBox Cool Solutions can create custom solutions for any desired distribution challenge within pharma transport. We are also able to determine “requirements” with the customer and offer the possibility of validating the validation in accordance with the established standard in-house.

We are happy to help you with your logistic questions.

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