VebaBox contributes to safe drinking water

The water production company for the southern region in the Netherlands provides drinking water to 2.5 million inhabitants and businesses. Since 2002, the water production company for the south of the Netherlands uses VebaBoxes so that customers in the south of the Netherlands can count on pure and safe drinking water, always and everywhere. Because sustainability, health and safety are important themes when it comes to drinking water. It is cool that VebaBox gets to help with this every day!

Daily sampling

The water production company produces and distributes drinking water in various areas in the south of the Netherlands. As a non-profit organization, they do not strive for profit, but for the best quality and service. To guarantee and monitor the quality, water samples are taken both during the production process and in the distribution area daily. It is important that the results are reliable. To achieve this, these samples are transported in mobile coolers from VebaBox.

VebaBoxes on the road and on location

The water production company uses various sizes of VebaBoxes to transport their samples after sampling. They do so with specially designed sample cars. Different routes for sampling in the distribution route and driven every day, and they are collected at a fixed location. The samples are transferred to larger coolers there. At the water production location, there are climate chambers. The samples are collected by the laboratory from there. Water samples must be transported between 35°F / 2°C and 46°F / 8°C. That is why it’s important that the samples can not only be cooled, but also heated during transport on cold days so that they cannot freeze.

Easily meet the right requirements

In order to perform a reliable sample analysis, it is of great importance that the samples are transported under the right conditions. This is monitored by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). They check whether samples are transported under the right conditions with all laboratories annually. The Water Supply Act stipulates that every water production company must be RvA certified. To ensure that the sample results are reliable, the removable cooling units of the water production company for the southern region of the Netherlands are calibrated annually, and VebaBox performs a capacity measurement.

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