Blood transport at Belgian Red Cross-Flanders

The Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is an independent volunteer organization which, through the Belgian Red Cross, is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. They are active in the field of emergency response, self-reliance and blood supply. To ensure the quality of the blood supply, the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has been actively working together with VebaBox Cool Solutions for years. 

Work that saves lives

Blood transfusions play an important role in many life-saving medical treatments. The Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is responsible for the continuous supply of safe and high quality blood products to most hospitals in Flanders. In order to guarantee the quality of the blood after drawing it, it is very important that the blood is stored and transported under the right conditions. To meet these requirements, in 2007, the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders developed the first BloodContainer together with VebaBox Cool Solutions. We are still in close contact with the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders to continue optimizing the processes. A very cool challenge!


 VebaBox BloodContainer2       BloodContainer open 01     


Easily donate blood

Because there is a great need for blood donations in both the Netherlands and Belgium, it is important to make blood donations easy. The Belgian Red Cross-Flanders makes it more accessible by drawing blood at public locations such as primary schools and meeting centers. ‘After collecting the blood, we immediately process it. We carefully monitor safety and quality during this process. We process as efficiently as possible, so that we can keep delivering to hospitals in time.’ 

Two BloodContainers have been developed in collaboration with the Belgian Red-Cross Flanders; the KC48 and the KC120. The BloodContainers are at the locations where blood is collected, so that the blood bags can be placed in the containers immediately. The BloodContainer is an active solution and ensures that the blood quickly cools down to the desired temperature of 70°F / 21°C. Because no traditional butanediol plates are used, the temperature can be controlled perfectly through the active cooling, which helps guarantee the quality of the blood.

Guaranteed quality on the road and on locationatie

The BloodContainers are both robust and mobile, which means they can easily be used on location and on the road. After collecting blood, the blood is thoroughly tested to guarantee maximum safety. During the transport toward the laboratory, the blood is not exposed to too high or too low temperatures because the containers can easily be rolled into the vehicles. The doors of the BloodContainers do not need to be opened until the blood bags are transferred to another climatized area. 

To continue ensuring the operation of the BloodContainers, all BloodContainers at the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders are inspected and calibrated annually.

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