The coolest food aid in the region

The food aid in Schijndel falls under the Vincentiusvereniging. This is an association that provides material and financial support to people in need and is made up entirely of volunteers. The proceeds of the store ‘t Vincentje allows them to help the residents of Schijndel that are in temporary financial trouble. Food packages are also delivered weekly via refrigerated transport using a VebaBox.

Flexible refrigerated transport for fresh products

The Vincentiusvereniging in Schijndel is committed to people in need by, among other things, offering food packages. The products for these food packages are collected from various businesses through refrigerated transport so that clients are ensured of fresh products. With the VebaBox in their company car, they can easily meet this need and set the temperature to 39°F / 4°C.

In addition to the right temperature, the VebaBox also contributes to flexibility in use. For the van of the Vincentiusvereniging, a VebaBox was chosen that only takes up part of the cargo space. This means there is enough space left for products that do not require refrigerated transport. The Vincentiusvereniging also works with the food bank, which also regularly involves transporting refrigerated products.


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