Cool supermarkets deliver fresh products

A cool start to our collaboration with Plus Supermarkets; Plus Teeuw and Plus Buysse. They came to VebaBox Cool Solutions for a solution for transporting groceries. At Plus, attention to good food is key! That is why they offer pure and fresh products in their stores, their website and the Plus app. Ordered groceries can be collected in stores or are delivered to your home by the Plus entrepreneurs. With an emphasis on fresh, Plus Teeuw and Plus Buysse find it very important to also deliver the groceries to the customer fresh. This requires refrigerated transport for part of the groceries, but how do you tackle that? We were happy to help with this!

A cool solution for all products

Plus Teeuw in Leerdam and Plus Buysse in IJzendijke offer refrigerated delivery service to offer the customer additional convenience. In order to deliver quality products, their delivery van features a VebaBox. Henk Teeuw from Plus Teeuw works as follows: “The refrigerated goods are first stored in our cells in the store and are placed in the VebaBox just before transport. The temperature we transport with is just above 0°C because frozen products are also being transported. This means the frozen products remain frozen at the core.” Because the VebaBox is placed at the side door of the delivery van, the products that don’t need to be cooled can also be taken on the same route. Isn’t that cool?


Plus Supermarkten VebaBox

CSR at VebaBox and Plus

In addition to quality, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been one of Plus’ priorities for years. VebaBox also responds to this. Apart from the fact that the groceries can be transported at any desired temperature and the VebaBox meets the HACCP standards, it is a sustainable investment as well. With VebaBox, contrary to a refrigerated truck, you only invest in a cooling solution once. When the vehicle is depreciated, you can easily transfer the box to the next company car.

This way, both Plus Supermarkets and VebaBox Cool Solutions are working toward a sustainable future! 

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