Custom made transport of medicine for Omega Logistics

Due to the growth of last year was logistics service provider Omga Logistics requesting a suitable cooling solution for pharma transportation designed for their logistics process. In a short time Omega Logistics has become a service provider of high-quality transportation services, specializing in healthcare logistics. Omega Logistics supplies for their biggest client 70 additional pharmacies by January 1, 2017. VebaBox was very enthausiastic to design a custom solution for medicine transport!

Flexible medicine transport

In order to meet their customers even better, Omega Logistics started a conversation with Veba MediTemp to develop a customized VebaBox together. On account of providing customization VebaBox is the right solution for Omega Logistics. For us it is important that the boxes are easy to load and unload from the vehicle and that they operate fully autonomous. With the customized VebaBoxes we can better meet our customers’ needs.” 

Based on these specifications, a custom VebaBox has been developed for medicine transport that has special dimensions, wheels and autonomous operation. The integrated battery lasts for at least 16 hours. After the last delivery of medications the batteries are easily charged outside of the car via a 230V connection so they will be ready for the next day.

VebaBox voor Omega Logistics

Being cool will be noticed

Drivers of Omega Logistics get a VebaBox on their route. Such a cooler is required in order to maintain the quality of the medicines. During the route the medicines should be actively cooled between 35°F / 2°C and 46°F / 8°C. In addition to the special dimensions and autonomous operation the VebaBoxes contain temperature sensors whereby Omega Logistics is able to monitor the temperature live. When the temperature is below 35°F / 2°C or above 46°F /8°C Omega Logistics will receive a notification so they can respond immediately. This way, Omega Logistics is certain that their cargo always meets the right temperature requirements. 

Are you already cool?

Besides the ability of customization was also fast delivery an important requirement of Omega Logistics. Because VebaBox Cool Solutions has a complete in-house production, we managed to deliver customized boxes within four weeks. Are you also looking for a Cool Solution for transport of medicines? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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