Cool vending machines at MAAS

MAAS is a client of VebaBox Cool Solutions since 2013. They provide vending machines for coffee, tea, soda or snacks. Every day throughout the Netherlands, more than 400 MAAS operators are available to service more than 2,500 locations. In the vending business you have to deal with products that are transported at ambient temperature and with fresh products that must be transported chilled. A cool job for VebaBox!

Daily fresh products

The MAAS operators service coffee machines, vending machines and soft drinks machines by maintaining, cleaning and stocking them. They work from a number of depots in the Netherlands. The VebaBoxes of MAAS are used on routes for refrigerated vending machines containing products such as sandwiches and fresh dairy products. Currently MAAS has 15 VebaBoxes which they employ to visit  their clients daily. For stocking the vending machines, counting is done automatically through a special system. The products that are connected with this system are transported with the VebaBox

Expansion of the fleet

Recently MAAS replaced their small trucks with five Volkswagen Crafters containing a VebaBox. These are used for the transport of soft drinks and confectionery. Hans Puttenstein, Purchaser & Manager Facilities at Maas: “We don’t need to prove that these products are transported under certain temperatures, but we obviously do not want that our candy bars melt during transportation. We want to deliver a good product”. That’s why we chose to use a VebaBox. The Crafters are used for fine distribution and are on the road all day, with its flexibility the VebaBox is a long-term investment”. MAAS uses only a part of the cargo space for refrigerated transport. This is possible thanks to the VebaBox. After replacement of the vehicle, the VebaBox can be transferred to a new vehicle.

On one hand it is necessary for MAAS to provide refrigerated transport for their fresh products, on the other they feel it’s simply their responsibility to provide good quality to the customer. Isn't that cool?

VebaBox voor MAAS  VebaBox voor MAAS 2

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