Logistics service at its coolest at Fiege

Fiege is an internationally operating innovative company that offers customers specific solutions in the field of logistics services. One of the sectors they are active in is pharmaceutical transport. For over 10 years, Fiege healthcare logistics has been using VebaBoxes to transport medical goods to and from hospitals, laboratories, wholesalers, pharmacies and private individuals.

Always cool with a VebaBox

Medical products require careful logistic handling. Time plays a very important role and the hygiene regulations are more demanding than in other sectors. The demands and requirements regarding the supply chain may vary per health branch. That is why Fiege has been using the VebaBox in their Mercedes Citan company cars for conditioned transport of medical goods for years. "With the VebaBox, it is possible to transport with two temperature zones at once. We use both 35°F / 2°C to 46°F / 8°C and 35°F / 15°C to 77°F / 25°C in the VebaBox, which are the temperature zones in which the majority of the medicines must be transported", says Jan de Wijn, Business Development Manager Customer Relations at Fiege. Because Fiege makes lots of stops on the way, it is important that the VebaBox continues cooling when the motor of the vehicle is not running. Through an additional Power Pack, which is charged while driving, the VebaBox maintains the right temperature.


VebaBox Fiege

GDP regulations for pharma transport

In the pharmaceutical market, the GDP guidelines apply. Authorities have drawn up a standard for the transport of medicine. Before the new GDP guideline was introduced, Fiege was already using VebaBox for pharma transport, but for only one temperature zone. ‘When the new GDP guidelines were introduced in 2013, together with VebaBox Cool Solutions, we looked for an optimal solution for transporting different temperature classes in the same box. The VebaBox with two compartments enables us to maintain two temperatures during the same route.’ As a result, Fiege can plan its routes optimally even after the introduction of the new guidelines.

Sustainable investment in the future

Apart from the VebaBox being a reliable cooling solution for pharma transport, the VebaBox offers great flexibility for Fiege’s fleet. Because the VebaBox lasts longer than the vehicles themselves, it is a sustainable investment in a cooling solution. ‘We chose the VebaBox because they are price-efficient and very sustainable.’ When Fiege’s company cars leave the lease, the VebaBoxes are removed from the vehicles and transferred to the new company cars. This way, the VebaBox is a sustainable investment in the future. Isn’t that cool?

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