More than 80 cool vehicles at Eurofins OSO Benelux

VebaBox Cool Solutions has been providing VebaBoxes to Eurofins OSO Benelux B.V. for years. The company is part of Eurofins Scientific, a leading international Life Sciences organization with over 30,000 employees in over 40 countries. Eurofins offers more than 130,000 analytical tests and is one of the fastest growing listed companies in Europe. A client that just keeps on growing!

How cool?

Eurofins OSO (Off-Site Operations) takes care of the logistic services for virtually all Eurofins laboratories in the field of Environment, Food, Pharma and Agriculture in the Benelux. With over 150 vehicles, all sorts of samples are collected at various depots throughout the Benelux and at the customer on location every day. In order to transport the samples to the laboratories under the right conditions, Eurofin’s vehicles are excellently equipped. An important factor is temperature control in the cargo space. To ensure the quality of the samples, they often require refrigerated transport. That is why approximately 80 vehicles at Eurofins are equipped with a VebaBox. Here at VebaBox, we think that is pretty cool!

Transporting laboratory samples with the VebaBox

Eurofins has been using the VebaBox for conditioned transport since 2005. Most of the laboratory samples must be transported between 35°F / 2°C and 46°F / 8°C. This can easily be done with the VebaBox, because in addition to cooling, it can also heat automatically. But there are also samples that may not be transported in the refrigerated area. Jan Zwiers, Managing Director at Eurofins OSO Benelux B.V.: ‘An important consideration for us to opt for a VebaBox is that we often need a non-refrigerated compartment in the car as well. By purchasing the VebaBox with the right size, it is very convenient to work with’. All samples that are collected from customers are transported to a depot in smaller vehicles that are equipped with a VebaBox. The driver has to make several stops during this trip. That is why it is important that the VebaBox also cools during standstill of the vehicle, so that the cargo space remains at the desired temperature at all times. At the various depots, the samples are collected for transport to the laboratory with larger company cars, also equipped with a VebaBox.

Because Eurofins transports large volumes every day, we looked closely at an optimal air circulation in the VebaBox to ensure that the temperature is constant everywhere. Whether the temperature in the box is adequate is monitored well by Eurofins itself. The temperature is monitored in real-time (GPRS) through a temperature registration system, which allows for monitoring the current temperature even at the office. This is not only important for guaranteeing the quality of the samples toward Eurofins’ clients, but also a requirement of the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). For all laboratories or samples, they check whether they are transported under the right conditions.

Sustainable investment in the future

Eurofins’ fleet is maintained well and replaced every two years. This is one of the reasons why Eurofins has chosen a cool solution like the VebaBox. ‘We drive a large number of kilometers, which is why it is so economically interesting for us to work with a VebaBox. This way, we can basically reuse the VebaBox when we purchase new vehicles’. When the company cars leave the lease, the boxes are removed and transferred to the new company cars. This way, the VebaBox is a sustainable investment in the future. 

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