ALcontrol: a super cool laboratory for 15 years now

ALcontrol Food & Water is a renowned laboratory that performs analyses for clients from the Retail, food, and water sector and has been a customer of VebaBox Cool Solutions since 1993. Proper sampling partially determines the quality of an analysis. That is why ALcontrol Food & Water well-equipped field service that operates in the Benelux with extremely skilled samplers.

From compressor box to VebaBox

In addition to proper sampling, a constant temperature of samples is important for performing a qualitative analysis. To meet this requirement, in 1993, ALcontrol used the compressor boxes from VebaBox Cool Solutions. These compressor boxes feature cooling and heating, whereby the temperature can be accurately set between 0°F / 18°C and 77°F / 25°C via a temperature display. Due to ALcontrol’s growth at the time, the compressor boxes became too small and they switched to the VebaBox. ALcontrol Food & Water has now been using VebaBoxes for 15 years. A very cool customer! 

Reliable refrigerated transport

ALcontrol drives throughout the Benelux on a daily basis. The samples need to be transported as they are collected at the customer, and this is possible with the VebaBox. The temperature can easily be set between 35°F / 2°C and 77°F / 25°C. Another reason why ALcontrol chooses a cool solution like the VebaBox is that they can use part of the cargo space to transport dry samples. It is important that these samples are not in the refrigerated area. The VebaBoxes for ALcontrol are made in such a way that part of the cargo space is available for this. Because there are multiple stops on a route, it is vital that the VebaBox continues cooling during standstill. That is why the VebaBoxes for ALcontrol are equipped with a Power Pack that takes over the power supply when the motor is not running.

One-time investment in a cool solution 

Recently, ALcontrol’s entire fleet was replaced with new Mercedes Vito vehicles. The VebaBoxes were transferred to the new vehicles and a new investment in a cooling solution was not necessary. That is how we guarantee a compliant cold chain of their laboratory samples with the current VebaBox Cool Solutions! 


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