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Cold chain challenges

It is a fact: society is constantly changing and developing. Consumer and patient safety is becoming increasingly important. Due to increasing quality standards and regulations, organizations are faced with the challenge of guaranteeing product integrity throughout the entire distribution chain. It is of major importance that products like medicine, food, vaccinations and laboratory samples stay at the right temperature throughout the entire cold chain to ensure quality.

The WHO, FDA and European Commission also realize that quality should be central and have joined forces to define new and critical standards. They emphasize that measures should be taken to guarantee consumer safety. Both companies and non-profit organizations understand the importance of change. Continuously monitoring and guaranteeing the right temperature of products is the only way forward! 

Challenge accepted

Pharma, Lab, Food, Health & Non-profit;

These markets are familiar territory for VebaBox. We understand that every market has different standards and challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why VebaBox has an extensive product portfolio with plug and play solutions for different applications. We deliver various active and passive, standard and custom Cool Solutions in order to meet this challenge. 

Cool Solutions that change your temperature controlled distribution.


Our mission

Guarantee safe and compliant deliveries in temperature controlled distribution.

Our vision

We want to change the temperature controlled distribution with innovative and best value for money solutions.

Who are we?

VebaBox Cool Solutions consists of a dynamic, international, and most of all, cool team! The headquarters are located in the Netherlands and our partners are found throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We are always open to special challenges and find effective solutions for them. That gets our blood pumping!

Let’s have a coolversation!

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