Optimal cold chain

Want to deliver temperature-sensitive products more efficiently without losing quality?

VebaBox Cool Solutions can help you with that. Through custom solutions that depart from traditional cold chain, you can deliver better products to the customer faster.

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More than a cool ride

Do you transport temperature-sensitive products? Then a refrigerated van is often the first thought when it comes to transporting products at the right temperature. Our Cool Solutions take it one step further. With the solutions from VebaBox, it is possible to set up the cargo space of your company car as you wish and make traditional refrigerated trucks a thing of the past. You determine the temperature, dimensions and accessories that ensure your vehicle is optimally equipped. By using multiple refrigerated containers, you can easily combine all desired temperature zones in a single vehicle and you are flexible in your work.

A refrigerated van is only a part of the cold chain
VebaBox takes it to the next level!

A refrigerated truck merely takes your products from one location to another. But the cold chain does not end there. The logistical process starts with the origin of the product and continues all the way to the delivery to the consumer or patient. Our Cool Solutions play an important role throughout that entire chain. Both our small and large coolers can be used on site, which provides flexibility in how you design your storage. Because products do not need to be transshipped, you save a lot of time loading and unloading goods. The various active and passive cooling options of VebaBox Cool Solutions allows flexibility in setting up your overall cold chain.

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